Tea with Mr. Newton

  Tea with Mr. Newton
Author: Rob Hadgraft
Paperback: 224 pages
Publisher: Desert Island Books (2009)
Language: English
ISBN: 1905328648
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After very lengthy and detailed research, experienced author Rob Hadgraft launched his fourth book about a running legend. The new book, entitled "Tea with Mr Newton - 100,000 Miles, The Longest Protest March in History", is the first modern biography of a critical figure in the history of world distance running. Arthur Newton, a self-taught runner, became an ultradistance running legend. A true pioneer, Newton's training ideas were to shape the way distance runners trained in the post-war period. As a matter of fact, professor Tim Noakes (hwo wrote the Foreward to the book), based much of his third edition of "Lore of Running", his monumental book on marathon and ultra training, on the basics laid down by Newton. In his later years Arthur Newton became guru to many international runners who were happy to "take tea" with him at his home in Ruislip, London. He was a very modest and private man, always avoiding publicity and often never revealing physical or medical injury problems he had during his competitive years. The book gives many insights into the development of the history of the sport, and Newton's role in many ways was pivotal. He pioneered the 100 miles on the road, thus opening the way for the modern trail 100 milers. The comment has been made, "Newton made the Comrades, and the Comrades made Newton" - and of course he also encouraged the revival of the "London to Brighton" road race as well as the formation of the Road Runners Club in Britain. The latter was to be fundamental to the development of the modern sport through its dissemination of ideas, news and best practice. Arthur Newton was also heavily involved in ultras in North America - the two "Trans-America" races, the "Hamilton 24 Hours" in Canada - which was a major stepping stone towards the return of the event which is now one of the two standard international championships. Author Rob Hadgraft has previously written biographies of other great distance runners - Louis Bennett (also known as Deerfoot, the Native American who made such a huge impact of the British distance running scene in the 1860s), Walter George (who dominated distance running from the one mile to the hour), and Alf Shrubb (who set new standards for distance events that were not really to be matched until Paavo Nurmi).

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