Motivation for jogging

Jogging is an interesting and rewarding physical activity but it could also be boring. There are many joggers who quit simply out of boredom. These joggers who quit claim that they do not find any excitement in the activity anymore as they do it the same time every day and they cover the same area. It is true because any repetitive activity will become boring unless we inject something new and exciting into it.

To motivate yourself to jog, it may be necessary to vary your jogging routine. Instead of jogging at the same time every day, you could vary your jogging schedule depending on what your work schedule may allow. A lot of people now jog late afternoon or early evening after they have returned home from work. You can schedule your weekday jogs in the evening and your weekend jogs in the morning or vice versa. This way, you will have a change in your routine.

The monotony of jogging can also be broken by jogging in different routes each day instead of covering the same area every day. You can jog around your neighborhood one day and go out into the trail the next day.

You can find different jogging routes around your place of residence and make your jogging an exciting experience every time. A jogger can maintain a high level of motivation by being creative in his workouts in order to avoid boredom and burnout.

Another reason for the loss of motivation for jogging is the failure to see any accomplishment at all. Joggers start with a particular goal in mind such as hitting one mile in a number of minutes and the failure to do so naturally kill their interest in the activity. Bear in mind that one has to be patient before becoming a good jogger. You do not cover one mile on your first try nor can you expect to build your stamina right away. Everything will be attained slowly and only after a conscious effort to succeed. Give yourself a time frame on when you wish to attain your target such as hitting one mile of continuous jogging. Also, you have to add a sense of urgency to your goal so that when you attain it, your motivation will skyrocket.

Another motivator for a jogger who is beginning to lose his interest is going with a partner or with a group who will support you and challenge you at the same time. Jogging with someone else can provide mutual motivation for both of you on those days when you don't feel like going out to jog. Finding a jogging partner is not difficult as you can ask any member of your family to go out and jog with you. You also can check with your local jogging club where you can find joggers at every level so finding a jogging mate will be quite easy.

The best motivation of all is joining a competition. Join a race regardless of whether you finish first or last. Once you tasted your first competition, you will forever be hooked and you will keep on joining with the goal of improving your level of performance. Now, you are hooked on jogging.

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