Top 10 excuses for not running

  1. I forgot I was supposed to run.

  2. I could not find my running shoes.

  3. My running clothes are still wet from yesterday, so I have to wait until they dry.

  4. There was a marathon on the television that I had to watch.

  5. By the time I found my running shoes, I did not have time to run.

  6. My dog did not want to go out today and run with me.

  7. My running partner did not run, so I could not run either.

  8. My heart-rate monitor clocked me at 155 beats-per-minute while I was on the couch.

  9. The next race is just two weeks away, so I need my rest.

  10. I was gonna run, but slept in again by mistake.

 Running Top 10 - From the top ten reasons to run to the top ten reasons *not* to run, this section includes both serious and humorous running lists for all walks of life.

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