Where to run near the Estación Polar Teniente Arturo Parodi Alister (Chile)

Opened on 6 December 1999, the Estación Polar Teniente Arturo Parodi Alister is a permanent base of the Fuerza Aérea de Chile (Chilean Air Force). It is located at the base of the Patriot Hills (Ellsworth Mountains, Ellsworth Land, 80°18 South latitude, 81°20 West longitude) and it is open to Chilean military personnel only. However visitors of the nearby seasonal Adventure Network International camp (November-February) can enjoy a visit to the base. The base is U-shaped with an entrance on both sides and habitation modules attached to it. Running possibilities abound, as the surrounding area is a wide open flat territory. For a short run you can go to the blue ice landing strip (warning: the strip itself is extremely slippery!) which is approximately one kilometer away, towards the hills. A DC6 airplane - as of January 2003 almost completely buried by the snow - is located approximately eight kilometers from the base in the opposite direction. The snow is packed and hard enough to allow running, better if your running shoes have spikes or if you run with snowshoes. Carrying a satellite phone with you is a must, as wind, temperature and climate can change suddendly, and you might need to contact the base to be rescued.

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