Where to run in Italy

 Cirò Marina
 Lama dei Peligni
 Prata d'Ansidonia
 Reggio Calabria
 San Casciano Val di Pesa
 Vairano Patenora

ePodismo - "ePodismo" is a monthly Italian running electronic magazine. Initially created as a local newsletter in 1976, the original "Podismo" in a few years span gained popularity and reached out to a regional and then national audience, becoming one of the three most important publications for runners in Italy. Paving the road ahead, "Podismo" has now morphed into the electronic format to cater running information in real time, while being faithful to that first newsletter made by runners for runners. Written in Italian, since January 2004 each issue of the running magazine "ePodismo", along with articles, news, photos, and reviews, features several monthly columns and the most complete and accurate calendar of Italian running events.

DRS Italia - Inspired by the 1989 movie "Dead Poets Society", the Dead Runners Society is a worldwide running club and online discussion group. The group is informal and social. Members discuss their running programs and encourage each other. Topics include everything from meditation to marathons. There are several Dead Runners Society running clubs worldwide including one in Italia.

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