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Marathon & Beyond

“Marathon & Beyond”, began in 1997 as a magazine tailored specifically for marathoners and ultrarunners. It is edited and published by former ”Runner's World” executive editor Richard Benyo and former ”FootNotes” coeditor and Human Kinetics editor Jan Colarusso Seeley. “Marathon & Beyond” is published six times a year by 42K(+) Press, Inc., based in Champaign, Illinois, U.S.A.

“Marathon & Beyond” is designed to provide practical advice on running or preparing to run marathons and ultradistances. It includes easy-to-apply, cutting-edge scientific information, insightful examinations of the personal side of longer distance running, profiles of major marathons and ultramarathons, and regular columns focusing on specific aspects of running. The magazine also provides readers with a forum for sharing ideas, insights, questions, experiences, and concerns.

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