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Trofeo Patxi Ros

In 1999 Patxi Ros, sports and naturism lover, tried to mix both of his favourite hobbies organizing in Sopelana the first edition of the “Sopelana Naturist Race”. This was a pioneer sports event in Spain, not because of its distance to run nor for the peculiar way or place where it was run, but because all the running participants had to run naked.

Year by year and edition by edition the race became more and more popular with a greater number of participants making it an important running event in the Iberic peninsula.

In 2003 the Basque Country Naturist Club (ENE) took over the event and renamed it as “Trofeo Patxi Ros” with the goal and purpose to promote the naturist way of life and to develop a healthy lifestyle along with naturism and sports. The event was renamed in honour and recognition to its creator who worked and developed this race in an altruistic and remarkable way during all of the past editions of this nude running event.


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