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 Tips for beginning runners - The most important point to remember for beginners is to start slowly. If you start an intense running regime without a gradual build up, your body will be rebel and you are more likely to suffer from a running injury.
 Running with the silent spectators - During my run I constantly felt this friendly human-like presence but with an awkward silence. It is like running the New York City marathon with silent spectators. Come to think of it, I had run New York City marathons in the eighties where I had found a few sections of the course with silent spectators, but glad to say that I found them vocal and involved during more recent runs.
  Ice cream for ultramarathons - The store-bought ice cream is going to make you fat and slow. This one will help make you fit and fast. Here is how to recreate a supercharged version of a favorite ice cream flavor, while keeping running needs in mind.
 King of Pedestrianism - George Littlewood, born 1859, was a phenomenal runner who is already being talked about as probably being the greatest ultra long-distance foot athlete the world has ever seen. He became a sporting superstar of his day travelling over to America on several occasions.
 Electrolytes and runners - Some of the more familiar electrolytes include sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium. If you are a fitness exerciser, you are unlikely to need extra electrolytes to replace those lost in sweat. If you exercise hard for more than four hours in the heat, you may benefit from replacing sodium losses.

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