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  Bandit runner wins marathon - The Cowtown Marathon featured the gathering of thousands of registered participants Sunday on the grounds of Will Rogers Memorial Center. And two men's marathon winners because of one who was not registered. The situation with the bib in the men's race was much, if not exactly, like the storyline in 2003, when Greg Floyd won the marathon after Augustine Hernandez was disqualified for the same offense.
 Running shoes injuries - A recent American Orthopaedic Foot & Ankle Society online survey of over 1,200 runners found that almost two thirds had injuries that they related to their shoes; however, these injuries did not appear to be linked to how much the runners paid for their shoes or whether or not they used an inserted orthotic device.
  Running the Apple logo - Using two iPhones plus his legs to map the equivalent of a digital heart for Steve Jobs, a marathon runner from Tokyo, ran 13 miles in 2 hours with a specific route in mind: the Apple logo.
 Code of conduct for athletics officials - The key role of an Athletics Official is to cooperate with other officials in the provision of fair and equitable conditions for the conduct of athletic events under the relevant rules of competition, thereby offering all participants every opportunity to achieve their own personal goals and aspirations. Here are some basic codes of conduct.
 How to choose a running shoe - A fun infographic featuring tips and tricks on how to choose the perfect running shoe for your activity.

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