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  Boston officials grant runner an automatic entry into the marathon - A Colorado Marathon runner who abandoned her qualifying bid to help save the life of another participant who turned out to be her father has been given an automatic entry into the Boston Marathon.
 Running in cold weather - When the thermometer drops don't let low temperatures stop you from going out for a great run. You may be tempted to replace your outdoor run with the treadmill, but running in cold weather can be fun and comfortable. Here are a series of articles with advices and tips on cold weather running.
 Sarajevo memoirs - Now that the airport is open, and the skies are clear of trails left by NATO jets, and there are no more gut-wrenching sonic booms, there are no excuses - come and tramp the surrounding hills of the city often called "Planet Sarajevo". The town lies some two thousand feet up, cramped between the mountains. If you want some running with a difference, then this is it.
 8 Tips for running the New York City Marathon - The race weaves through all five boroughs of New York and the crowd is electric. Tens of thousands of runners and about two million spectators will line the streets to cheer you on. Here are a few tips to make the best out of this experience.
 Key-storing tips for runners - Ever returned from a cold winter run, ready to get in your warm car and out of your wet cold clothes, only to discover your keys are laughing at your from inside your locked car? Even if you run from home, you still may have a house key to contend with. So, what's a runner to do? Where can you put that pesky but important key?

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