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  Kenyan marathoner slips at finish but still wins - In "The LaSalle Bank Chicago Marathon" Kenyan Robert Cheruiyot pulled ahead of countryman Daniel Njenga in the final 100 meters of what was a terrific showdown, finishing first before an estimated 1.5 million spectators. But instead of celebrating and enjoying the moment, Cheruiyot found himself on the way to a local hospital.
  This never happens! - As I approached an intersection, I ran in front of a white van stopped waiting to turning right. I jumped and yelled as he missed me, close enough that I felt a rush of air as he cornered just behind me. I've almost been hit by right-turning drivers dozens of times but never has one ever said a word to me that didn't start with "F".
 Salt and runners - Some runners sweat so much they end up crusted with salt. Other runners see no need to add salt to their food because the typical diet already contains way too much. And then there are marathoners and triathletes who wonder if they should start eating salty foods as a part of their daily sports diet. This article can help you figure out if you should shake it or leave it.
  Runner hit by a flying deer - Krystine Rivera was running when a driver hit a deer with her sport utility vehicle. The deer was sent flying into Rivera, who was left with minor injuries.
  Man goes jogging with cat and receives ticket - Boulder High School senior Seth Franco decided to enjoy Wednesday's warm weather by taking his cat, Stella, for a jog. When the kitty couldn't keep up, the 19-year-old did something police consider animal cruelty. Franco says there's another side to this story.

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