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 Kenyan walker shunned by village - A Kenyan man has been cast out of his boyhood home of Eldoret because of his predilection for competitive race walking. The shunned man, 23 year-old Samuel Oseigo, spoke out from the neighboring country of Tanzania where he had been granted "aerobic asylum" by the Tanzanian government. Oseigo related a lifelong passion for an activity inherently foreign to the runner-rich Rift Valley portion of Kenya.
 Running in cold weather - When the thermometer drops don't let low temperatures stop you from going out for a great run. You may be tempted to replace your outdoor run with the treadmill, but running in cold weather can be fun and comfortable. Here are a series of articles with advices and tips on cold weather running.
 Toward more efficient jogging - A humorous essay with suggestions on how to channel the energy that all runners waste, frivolously and selfishly, while running and put it to better use.
 Caffeine and runners - Many runners enjoy a caffeine-lift either as a morning eye-opener, during daily coffee breaks, before training run, and during competitive events. Questions arise about caffeine: should I use caffeinated gels during long runs? What about caffeine in sport drinks? Does coffee enhance performance, or is it dehydrating?
 Sunscreen safety rules for runners - Warmer weather, longer days, and time spent outside soaking up the sun. If you are a runner, there are dangers to spending too much time in the sun. Protecting our skin is essential to our longevity and our overall health.

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