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 Social Media explained to runners - Have you ever asked yourself what social media is? Can you wrap your head around the various Facebooks, Twitters, Foursquares or any other site that allows interaction between users? Here is a quick reference card for runners.
 Running in Antarctica - The coldest, driest, and windiest continent, Antarctica is an ice desert of incomparable beauty. While a number of governments maintain permanent manned research stations, because of its hostile environment and its isolation Antarctica still remains the Planet's hardest to reach continent and it is truly a runner's last frontier. Here are 2 suggestions on where to run in Antarctica.
 Ultrarunning with your dog - Many runners run with their dog, however some precautions need to be taken when participating to ultramarathons. Here are some helpful suggestions to bring your dog running long distances along with you.
 A bit dazed like - William "Corkey" Gentleman, was just one of many hardy athletes who entertained huge crowds at sporting venues worldwide by walking and running ultra long distances in pursuit of generous prize money and ornamental gold belts.
 Running mate - The divorce was a messy one. Along with her newfound social freedom, Carrie was freeing herself of those few extra pounds... Well, okay... more than a few pounds. Anyway, that's why she started running.

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