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  Fueling for an ultramarathon - If you are an endurance athlete who is training for an ultramarathon, you need a food plan. Performance starts with fueling, not training! This article provides nutrition tips for ultramarathoners athletes as well as ordinary runners and walkers who want ultra-energy.
 Genetically modified runners escape from lab - Three long distance runners who had recently undergone experimental leg muscle implantation of genetically modified kangaroo cells, escaped from the research laboratory at Stony Brook University Hospital. The three were part of a controversial project known as Super Runner, created by geneticist Dr. Lee Crandall.
 Caffeine and runners - Many runners enjoy a caffeine-lift either as a morning eye-opener, during daily coffee breaks, before training run, and during competitive events. Questions arise about caffeine: should I use caffeinated gels during long runs? What about caffeine in sport drinks? Does coffee enhance performance, or is it dehydrating?
 Running jokes - Laugh at this growing collection of jokes submitted by runners like you and send us your favorite ones.
 Tips for women with amenorrhea - Athletic women are generally looked upon as being fit and healthy. But approximately 20% of active women are unhealthy to the point they stop having regular menstrual periods. This condition is called amenorrhea and is similar to menopause. Amenorrhea can also interfere with the ability to conceive easily should the athlete want to start a family.

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