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 Running in every language - A useful terminology list featuring the word "running" in every language so you can communicate easily with runners from other nations.
  Runner attacked by owls - Female joggers along the west dyke in Richmond are being warned to wear a hat after a woman was tailed and attacked by a pair of owls. The caution comes after Elena Vinarskaia decided to go for her daily run along the dyke. She felt something was flying close to her head but, because owls make little or no noise in flight, she didn't know they were there until she looked up.
 The ABC's of sports nutrition - Believe it or not, a good sports diet can be simple. Yet too many athletes have created a complex and confusing eating program with good and bad foods, lots of rules, and plenty of guilt. Let's get back to the basics and enjoy performance-enhancing fueling with these simple ABC's for winning nutrition.
 A brief history of racewalking in the United States - It is impossible to fully appreciate the sport of racewalking unless you have some understanding of its history. This overview is based largely on "Race Walking in America: Past and Present", a doctoral dissertation completed in 1989 by the late William Gordon Wallace.
 How to create a free or low-cost website for your running event - Is your running event an inaugural event with little or no budget to start out with, but you'd like to have an online presence other than Facebook and Twitter? With so many free and low-cost methods available, here are some free tips for you to get started to create a respectable website for you event.

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