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 Foot care tips for marathoners - No one attempts a marathon without proper training and conditioning, but conditioning means more than getting your body in the optimal form. It also means getting your feet into the best shape possible for running such a distance. Here are some expert foot care tips for marathoners.
 Nutrition to prevent muscle cramps - If you have ever experienced the excruciating pain of a severe muscle cramp, you may fearfully wonder if it will strike again. You may also wonder if nutrition imbalances are at the root of the problem and if diet changes would be the simple solution.
 Tarahumara foot-racing - No doubt the Tarahumares are the greatest runners in the world, not in regard to speed, but endurance: a Tarahumare will easily run 170 miles without stopping. This propensity for running is so great that the name of the tribe alludes to it. Tarahumare is a Spanish corruption of "ralámari", or "foot-runners".
 Caffeine and runners - Many runners enjoy a caffeine-lift either as a morning eye-opener, during daily coffee breaks, before training run, and during competitive events. Questions arise about caffeine: should I use caffeinated gels during long runs? What about caffeine in sport drinks? Does coffee enhance performance, or is it dehydrating?
  Urban running safety tips for women - Run smart. Run well. Run safe. But run. Don't let fear rob you of the joy of running. Here are some street smart safety tips to follow. Running smart and running aware of your surroundings can literally save your life.

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