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 Is clean eating good for runners? - Clean foods are generally defined as being unprocessed, all-natural, free of GMOs, added sugar, high fructose corn syrup, refined grains, and perhaps gluten, free of antibiotics and hard-to-pronounce ingredients. Runners should not label specific foods or ingredients as being good or bad, and rather look at how they fit into their sports menu evaluating them within a balanced diet. - This website is an intuitive gateway that allows runners to easily find and contact hundreds of sightrunning organizations worldwide, book a tour, and explore a city or trail with a local running guide.
 Top 10 most popular running shoe brands - Using Google's Keyword Tool to look at the approximate number of monthly searches, here are the top ten most popular running shoe brands.
 Why former drunks make unstoppable runners - Chronic drinkers and struggling alcoholics are already pre-programmed to chew up the pavement - even tackle a marathon. In fact, they have spent a good chunk of their bleary-eyed, morally dubious days and nights developing the perfect toolbox: single-minded focus; endurance; tolerance for mental and physical distress; prowess at spending time alone; aptitude at navigating embarrassment.
 Vegetables and runners - Many runners understand that fruits and veggies are good for their health and better than vitamin pills, but they cannot figure out how to enjoy them more often - or how to get inspired to learn to like them. Sound familiar? Maybe this article will help you boost your intake of these healthful sports foods.

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