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 Natural disasters, O.J., wreak havoc with California road racing - As Governor Pete Wilson and Federal Running Administration (FRNA) Director Patricia Habib helicoptered over the washed-out course of the "Sun Coast 12K", running officials statewide scrambled to put races back on schedule, reassure corporate sponsors, and alley growing fears in the running community in the wake of a series of natural disasters that have turned road racing upside down.
 Get off the indoor hamster wheel - Winter is approaching. Get off the hamster wheel and get outdoors! While the cold, wet, dark months can make outdoor activities challenging, proper planning and preparation will make winter running a snap. Here are a few tips for dealing with winter challenges.
 Running shoes reviews - A growing collection of shoes reviews and recommendations. Choosing the right running shoes is one of the most important decisions a runner will ever make. Get recommendations on the best running shoes for your type of feet and your running style.
 Running with the silent spectators - During my run I constantly felt this friendly human-like presence but with an awkward silence. It is like running the New York City marathon with silent spectators. Come to think of it, I had run New York City marathons in the eighties where I had found a few sections of the course with silent spectators, but glad to say that I found them vocal and involved during more recent runs.
 The Funeral Games of Anchises - The runners having been placed in proper order, the signal was given, and they darted forward like a tempest. Nisus led the way, Salius coming second, and Euryalus third, with the rest following close behind.

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