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ITALY PUGLIA — 2017-12-17 — Barletta (Barletta-Andria-Trani). "Maratona delle cattedrali".

ITALY TOSCANA — 2017-12-17 — Pisa. "Pisamarathon, La pisanina, Corsa dei Babbi Natale".

TAIWAN — 2017-12-17 — Taipei. "Taipei Marathon".

ITALY UMBRIA — 2017-12-23 — Terni. "Maratona del grillo, Mangialonga".

ITALY EMILIA ROMAGNA — 2017-12-31 — Calderara di Reno (Bologna). "Maratona di San Silvestro, Corrida di San Silvestro".

ITALY EMILIA ROMAGNA — 2018-01-01 — Calderara di Reno (Bologna). "First Marathon".

SWITZERLAND — 2018-01-01 — Zurich. "Neujahrsmarathon".

ISRAEL — 2018-01-05 — Tiberias. "Sea of Galilee Tiberias International Winner Marathon".

ITALY EMILIA ROMAGNA — 2018-01-06 — Crevalcore (Bologna). "Maratona di Crevalcore".

INDIA — 2018-01-07 — Vadodara Gujarat. "Vadodara International Marathon".

MEXICO — 2018-01-07 — Merida. "Marathon Mérida".

EGYPT — 2018-01-12 — Luxor. "Egyptian Marathon". The marathon is an international event with over 36 nationalities participating and it is the only A.I.M.S. (Association of international Marathons and Road Races) certified marathon in the Country. Contact phone: (00202) 2260 69 30, contact fax: (00202) 2260 69 32.

ITALY LAZIO — 2018-01-13 — Rieti. "Maratona di buon anno".

ITALY SICILIA — 2018-01-14 — Messina. "Messina marathon, maratona Antonello da Messina".

UNITED STATES OF AMERICA HAWAII — 2018-01-14 — Lahaina. "Maui Oceanfront Marathon & Half". The marathon starts in the shops of Wailea parking lot and runs oceanfront all the way to Lahaina. The other events are: Half, 15K, 10K, 5K and a special free Cookie Run on Thursday before.

UNITED STATES OF AMERICA TEXAS — 2018-01-14 — Houston. "Houston Marathon".

BAHAMAS — 2018-01-14 — Nassau. "Marathon Bahamas".

PHILIPPINES — 2018-01-14 — Cebu. "Cebu City Marathon".

INDIA — 2018-01-21 — Mumbai. "Mumbai Marathon".

SPAIN GRAN CANARIA — 2018-01-21 — Las Palmas. "Gran Canaria Marathon".

CHINA — 2018-01-21 — Hong Kong. "Hong Kong Marathon".

THAILAND — 2018-01-21 — Chom Bueng. "Chombueng Marathon".

ITALY SICILIA — 2018-01-28 — Ragusa. "Maratona di Ragusa, Hibla-Barocco Marathon".

ITALY MARCHE — 2018-01-28 — San Benedetto del Tronto (Ascoli Piceno). "Maratona sulla sabbia".

THAILAND — 2018-01-28 — Khon Kaen. "Khon Kaen Marathon".

CHINA — 2018-01-28 — Hong Kong. "China Coast Marathon".

MOROCCO — 2018-01-28 — Marrakech. "Marathon de Marrakech".

UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CALIFORNIA — 2018-01-28 — Miami. "Miami Marathon".

UNITED STATES OF AMERICA ARIZONA — 2018-02-03 — Sedona. "Sedona Marathon and Half Marathon".

ITALY MARCHE — 2018-02-04 — Fano (Pesaro-Urbino). "Super Marathon".

JAPAN — 2018-02-04 — Beppu. "Beppu-Oita Mainichi Marathon".

INDIA — 2018-02-04 — Jaipur. "Jaipur Marathon".

ITALY TOSCANA — 2018-02-11 — Marina di Carrara (Massa-Carrara). "White Marble Marathon".

ITALY UMBRIA — 2018-02-18 — Terni. "Maratona di San Valentino".

JAPAN — 2018-02-18 — Kitakyushu. "Kitakyushu Marathon".

JAPAN — 2018-02-18 — Kyoto. "Kyoto Marathon".

UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CALIFORNIA — 2018-02-18 — Ventura. "Seaside Marathon, Half, 5k, 10k". Welcome to the 6th annual Seaside Marathon, Half, 5k, 10k! Race start times: Full 7:00, Half 7:15, 10k 7:30, 5k 7:45. Start / Finish will be at Ventura Promenade park along the beautiful Oceanfront boardwalk. Then travel along the Ventura bike path to the Historic Old Rincon Highway along the amazing Ventura Coast line. Miles of Ocean views that will keep you in awe as you stroll to the turn around point and back to the start/finish line. Aid stations every 1.5 miles.

ISRAEL — 2018-02-23 — Tel Aviv. "Tel Aviv Marathon".

ITALY EMILIA ROMAGNA — 2018-02-25 — Salsomaggiore Terme (Parma). "Maratona delle Terre verdiane e del Principe, Salso-Fidenza".

SPAIN — 2018-02-25 — Sevilla. "Marathon Sevilla".

MALTA — 2018-02-25 — Medina. "Malta Marathon".

JAPAN — 2018-02-25 — Tokyo. "Tokyo Marathon".

TUNISIA — 2018-02-25 — Carthage. "The Carthage race Tunisia Marathon".

INDIA — 2018-02-25 — New Delhi. "New Delhi Marathon".

MOROCCO — 2018-02-27 — Auserd. "Sahara Marathon".

ITALY UMBRIA — 2018-03-04 — Castiglione del Lago (Perugia). "Strasimeno".

UNITED STATES OF AMERICA LOUISIANA — 2018-03-04 — New Orleans. "Rock 'n' Roll New Orleans Marathon".

ISRAEL — 2018-03-09 — Jerusalem. "Jerusalem Marathon".

ITALY LOMBARDIA — 2018-03-11 — Brescia. "Brescia Art Marathon".

SPAIN — 2018-03-11 — Barcelona. "Zurich Maratò Barcelona".

UNITED STATES OF AMERICA NORTH CAROLINA — 2018-03-11 — Greensboro. "Northern Trails Marathon and 10 Miler". In its fourth year, The Northern Trails Marathon and 10 Mile will again be a great opportunity to see the best trails in the triad, win an awesome medal, and race one of our favorite events! It's not often you have the opportunity to put on an event in the same place you run every day! This event will again be a part of the Trivium Running Series and The Trivium Club Cup Challenge. The race starts on the trails behind Northern Guilford High School before jumping onto the newest trail in the Triad, the Bill Craft Trail. Run along next to gorgeous dogwood trees and beaver ponds. The marathoners will continue onto trails along Lake Townsend and Lake Brandt before making their way back to Northern Guilford High School! Great finishers medals and prizes await our finishers.

ITALY VENETO — 2018-03-18 — Vittorio Veneto (Treviso). "Eroica 15-18 Marathon".

UNITED STATES OF AMERICA NORTH CAROLINA — 2018-03-18 — Cary. "Tobacco Road Marathon & Half-Marathon". The Tobacco Road Marathon spans 20 miles of the beautiful American Tobacco Trail in Cary, North Carolina. Whether you are a marathon expert or just starting out, this Boston Qualifier marathon will give you what you need to achieve your personal best. The fast, flat, and fun course offers a shaded, scenic run with optimal running conditions all the way through the downhill finish helping you reach your best time ever!

UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CALIFORNIA — 2018-03-18 — Los Angeles. "Los Angeles Marathon".

GERMANY — 2018-03-18 — Bergish Gladbach. "Koenigsforst Marathon".

ITALY LOMBARDIA — 2018-03-24 — Brescia. "Maratona nel Castello, Dodici ore nel Castello".

ITALY VENETO — 2018-03-25 — Treviso. "Treviso Marathon, Treviso Half Marathon".

ITALY FRIULI VENEZIA GIULIA — 2018-03-25 — Cividale del Friuli (Udine). "Unesco Cities Marathon".

GREECE — 2018-04-01 — Thessaloniki. "Marathon Alexander the Great".

ITALY EMILIA ROMAGNA — 2018-04-02 — Russi (Ravenna). "Maratona del Lamone".

SPAIN — 2018-04-07 — Ibiza. "Ibiza Marathon".

ITALY LAZIO — 2018-04-08 — Roma. "Maratona di Roma".

FRANCE — 2018-04-08 — Paris. "Marathon de Paris".

NETHERLANDS — 2018-04-08 — Rotterdam. "Marathon Rotterdam".

ITALY LOMBARDIA — 2018-04-08 — Milano. "EA7 Emporio Armani, Milano Marathon".

UNITED STATES OF AMERICA RHODE ISLAND — 2018-04-14 — Newport. "Rhode Races - Newport". Join us in the City-by-the-Sea for this stunning marathon, half marathon and 5k. The first half of the course highlights the best of Newport with craggy shores, wide open ocean vistas, historic mansions and intricate architecture. After passing Easton's Beach at the half way point, the full heads out to Middletown past Hanging Rock and Surfer's End to a challenging course with more gorgeous views. The race finishes back along the water at Easton's Beach. The Marathon will start at 7:30 a.m. Saturday, April 14, 2018 at Easton's Beach in Newport, RI. The Half Marathon will start at 7:45 a.m. from the same location. The 5k will follow at 8:00 am - all from the same beautiful seaside start. The marathon course is USATF certified and is a Boston Marathon Qualifier.

UNITED STATES OF AMERICA MASSACHUSETTS — 2018-04-16 — Boston. "Boston Marathon".

GERMANY — 2018-04-22 — Burg. "Spreewald-Marathon".

AUSTRIA — 2018-04-22 — Wien. "Vienna City Marathon".

UNITED KINGDOM ENGLAND — 2018-04-22 — London. "London Marathon".

SPAIN — 2018-04-22 — Madrid. "Rock 'n' roll Madrid Marathon".

ITALY VENETO — 2018-04-22 — Padova. "Padova Marathon".

ITALY LIGURIA — 2018-04-22 — Loano (Savona). "Liguria Marathon".

NORWAY — 2018-04-28 — Bergen. "Bergen City Marathon".

UNITED STATES OF AMERICA TENNESSEE — 2018-04-28 — Nashville. "Rock 'n' Roll Nashville Marathon".

ITALY EMILIA ROMAGNA — 2018-04-29 — Rimini. "Rimini Marathon".

GERMANY — 2018-04-29 — Düsseldorf. "Metro Marathon Düsseldorf".

UNITED STATES OF AMERICA OREGON — 2018-04-29 — Eugene. "Eugene Marathon & Half Marathon". Named a "perfect race" by Runner's World magazine, you'll enjoy a scenic, USATF-certified course known for its flat and fast route as it passes through beautiful parks and tree-lined paths that crisscross the picturesque Willamette River. Whether you're a first-time racer or a seasoned veteran, you won't find a better running destination in 2018 than the 12th edition of the Eugene Marathon and Half Marathon. And no matter what race you choose, you'll break the finish line tape in front of cheering fans at Historic Hayward Field – one of the world's most revered track and field venues and home to iconic athletes and coaches such as Steve Prefontaine, Bill Bowerman and Ashton Eaton. Join us for a celebration of human will, determination and triumph this coming spring during the 2018 running of the Eugene Marathon. And make your own unforgettable history.

GERMANY — 2018-04-29 — Dresden. "Oberelbe-Marathon".

UNITED STATES OF AMERICA WASHINGTON — 2018-04-29 — Tacoma. "Annual Michelob ULTRA Tacoma City Marathon". Experience the most beautiful sights Tacoma has to offer! Point to Point courses over the Narrows Bridge and along the waterfront.

ITALY PIEMONTE — 2018-05-01 — Santhià  (Vercelli). "Maratona del riso".

SWITZERLAND — 2018-05-05 — Geneva. "Harmony Geneve Marathon".

GERMANY — 2018-05-05 — Helgoland. "Helgoland Marathon".

ITALY MARCHE — 2018-05-06 — Barchi (Pesaro-Urbino). "Collemar-athon".

ITALY TOSCANA — 2018-05-06 — Marina di Campo (Livorno). "Maratona dell'Isola d'Elba".

AUSTRIA — 2018-05-06 — Salzburg. "Salzburg Marathon".

CZECH REPUBLIC BOHEMIA — 2018-05-06 — Prague. "Volkswagen Prague Marathon". When you run the Volkswagen Prague Marathon, you are running through the centuries in a city that was built when Emperors chose to make it the capital of Europe. Awe-inspiring views throughout the race course have made this marathon a popular running holiday in the Czech Republic. Start your journey in the Old Town Square, leaving behind the famous Astronomical Clock and wander through the ancient streets down to the Vltava River, where you will enjoy a splendid view of Prague Castle while crossing the Charles Bridge - one of the most magnificent Gothic bridges in the world. Well- preserved across ages, Prague's renowned architectural beauty offers a spectacular glimpse into history and unforgettable future memories!

UNITED STATES OF AMERICA RHODE ISLAND — 2018-05-06 — Providence. "Rhode Races - Providence". The eleventh running of the Providence Marathon will be held on May 6, 2018. This exciting race day in DownCity will host a marathon, half marathon, 5k and kids fun run. The Marathon will start at 7:30 a.m. Sunday, May 7 in Downtown Providence, Rhode Island. The Half Marathon will start at 8:00 a.m. from the same location. The 5k will follow at 8:15 am and the kids race with take off at 8:20 - all from the same great downtown running festival. The course is a nice mix of historic urban and rural neighborhoods as the race starts in Downtown Providence and heads south towards the East Bay and Barrington, Rhode Island. The tree lined East Bay Bike path provides plenty of shade and scenic views of the Providence river and skyline. The course is USATF certified and is a Boston Marathon Qualifier.

IRELAND — 2018-05-07 — Belfast. "Deep RiverRock Belfast City Marathon".

GERMANY — 2018-05-12 — Mannheim. "SRH Daemmer Marathon".

UNITED STATES OF AMERICA WISCONSIN — 2018-05-12 — Eagle River. "Journeys Marathon". Journeys Marathon is a challenging and inspirational spring race that starts with the woodland backdrop of Boulder Junction, WI area on rustic roads while meandering through the Northern Highland American Legion State Forest and passing many scenic northern Wisconsin lakes. This is a race not to be missed. Other races included in the day are a half marathon, 13.1 mile power walk, 10K and a 5K race. For more information or to register, please contact the Eagle River Area Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Center at 800-359-6315 or visit the Official Journeys Marathon website. Register before April 1st 2018 pay only $60.00.

DENMARK — 2018-05-13 — Copenhagen. "Copenhagen Marathon".

CHINA — 2018-05-19 — Tianjin. "The Great Wall Marathon".

UNITED STATES OF AMERICA WISCONSIN — 2018-05-20 — Green Bay. "Cellcom Green Bay Marathon & Half Marathon".

UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CALIFORNIA — 2018-05-20 — Santa Cruz. "Surfer's Path Marathon, Capitola Half Marathon & Relay". The crowning jewel of the Golden State, Santa Cruz County welcomes runners with an enchanting blend of nostalgia, natural beauty and invigorating activities. Whether you choose the 26.2 mile Marathon, 13.1 mile Half Marathon or Relay, you will be treated to scenic courses, featuring breathtaking views of the Monterey Bay coastline and a series of world renowned surf breaks. An ideal destination event, participants can experience a quintessential California vacation. Create a memory that you will treasure forever by achieving your athletic goal in this picture postcard setting.

ITALY LAZIO — 2018-05-27 — Acquapendente (Viterbo). "European Francigena Marathon".

UNITED KINGDOM SCOTLAND — 2018-05-27 — Edinburgh. "Edinburgh Marathon Festival". The Edinburgh Marathon Festival is now in its 16th year and takes place on Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th May 2018. This ever-growing festival of running is now a major event in the Scottish sporting calendar. Starting in Edinburgh, the course heads out through East Lothian offering stunning views and an unforgettable running experience. The marathon route is one of the fastest in the UK making that that elusive personal best a distinct possibility! Edinburgh Marathon joined the world's elite road races in 2012 by becoming the first marathon in Scotland to be officially recognised by the IAAF, the athletics governing body. The IAAF bronze label puts the race among the top 75 in the world making it a pivotal part of the sporting calendar for runners. The full weekend of events attracts around 30,000 runners, with thousands more lining the course to support. There are 9 races on offer over two days including the marathon, half marathon, team relay, 10k, 5k and junior races. There really is something for everyone, so why not make the most of the Bank Holiday weekend. The Edinburgh Marathon Festival has had an economic impact of more than £25 million for Scotland's capital and helped raise more than £30 million for hundreds of charities. Together with the Edinburgh Marathon Festival's Official charity, Macmillan Cancer Support, organisers are hoping to break all previous records and raise even more in 2017. So what are you waiting for? Head to our website and enter now!

SWEDEN — 2018-06-02 — Stockholm. "Stockholm Marathon". The 38th ASICS Stockholm Marathon will take place on Saturday 4 June 2016. It will be an exciting race in a beautiful city with 21,500 runners from all over the world. This is one of the major sporting events in Sweden with hundreds of thousands of spectators along the route cheering the participants.

GERMANY MECKLENBURG-WESTERN POMERANIA — 2018-06-03 — Rechlin. "Mueritz-Marathon".

GERMANY SCHLESWIG-HOLSTEIN — 2018-06-10 — Flensburg. "Flensburg-liebt-dich-Marathon".

NORWAY — 2018-06-16 — Tromso. "Midnight Sun Marathon & Half Marathon".

ITALY TRENTINO ALTO ADIGE — 2018-06-16 — Prato allo Stelvio (Bolzano). "Stelvio Marathon".

SOUTH AFRICAN REPUBLIC — 2018-06-23 — Yellowood. "The big five Marathon".

ITALY TRENTINO ALTO ADIGE — 2018-07-07 — Bressanone (Bolzano). "Brixen Dolomiten Marathon, Maratona Bressanone Dolomiti".

RUSSIA NORTHWESTERN FEDERAL DISTRICT — 2018-07-08 — Saint Petersburg. "White Nights Marathon". The XXVII White Nights International Marathon will take place on July 3rd 2016 in St. Petersburg. Start is at 9.00 a.m. at Dvortzovaya Square [the Palace Square]. The marathon course passes along the embankments, avenues and streets of St. Petersburg, past the historical monuments. Competitions for men and women are held on distances: 42km 195m, 10km.

GERMANY BAVARIA — 2018-07-22 — Füssen. "Königsschlösser Romantik Marathon".

AUSTRALIA NORTHERN TERRITORY — 2018-07-28 — Ayers Rock. "Australian Outback Marathon". Enjoyed by both professional runners, club runners, casual runners and beginners, there are events for all running levels including the full marathon, half marathon, 11km and 6km fun runs. In addition to its beauty, the course is relatively flat, with only a couple inclines and sand dunes. Most of the course is on unsealed roads, bush tracks and soft-sand trails, with a few small sand dunes and plenty of Australia's famed Red Earth thrown in for good measure. Although this race is popular with local runners, for most, it is a once in a lifetime experience. It is not every day marathoners get to take in the stunning views of Uluru (Ayers Rock) and Kata Tjuta (the Olgas) as the kilometres tick by.

ITALY PIEMONTE — 2018-08-04 — Gozzano (Novara). "Orta 20 in 10, Orta 10 in 10".

ITALY SICILIA — 2018-08-05 — Chiaramonte Gulfi (Ragusa). "Maratona alla Filippide".

UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CALIFORNIA — 2018-08-12 — Camarillo. "Camarillo Marathon, half, 5k, 10k". Race start: Full 7am, half 7:15, 10k 7:30, 5k 7:45. Start / Finish will be at the Pleasant Valley Fields Park at the Village At The Park Sports Complex. Most of this course is on the Camarillo Bike Path (no auto traffic) and about 3 mile out and back along the country fields. All paved roads and flat as a pancake. This is a USATF certified course (pending) and a Boston Qualifier. Full marathon is two loops of the half marathon course. Very spectator-friendly.

ICELAND — 2018-08-18 — Reykjavik. "Reykjavik Marathon".

JORDAN — 2018-09-01 — Petra. "Petra Desert Marathon". Starting in the ancient city of Petra, the Petra Desert Marathon course takes runners through the arid desert and lunar-like landscape surrounding the city. Experience the warm hospitality of the Jordanian people and run the desert race of a lifetime.

AUSTRALIA SOUTH AUSTRALIA — 2018-09-01 — Kingscote. "Kangaroo Island Marathon". Locals call it 'Ki'. Kangaroo Island is only a 14km ferry ride off the coast of South Australia and a 90-minute drive from the beautiful city of Adelaide voted one of the top 10 cities in the world by Lonely Planet. Ki is home to native Australian wildlife, organic award winning food & wine, private beaches and soaring cliffs, a spirited local community of artists and farmers, and breath-taking ocean sunsets. The course route is located in the remote south-west corner of Flinders Chase National Park. Runners will be inspired by deviating and undulating roads that cut through dense forest, an exposed coastal section with views of the powerful Southern Ocean, a loop that travels by historic landmarks such as Cape de Couedic Lighthouse and Admirals Arch, a trail run into Snake Lagoon, and a zig-zag boardwalk leading to the iconic Remarkable Rocks. The Kangaroo Island Marathon is a destination marathon that showcases one of Australia's best kept secrets. This is a premium running experience available to a limited number of runners each year. If you are searching for an adventure then Kangaroo Island is for you.

ESTONIA — 2018-09-07 — Tallinn. "Tallinna Maraton".

ITALY EMILIA ROMAGNA — 2018-09-09 — Forlì (Forlì-Cesena). "Maratona del Presidente".

ITALY BASILICATA — 2018-09-10 — Policoro (Matera). "6 Days UMF - Italian UltraMarathon Festival". It is a 6 Days, 100K, 100 Miles, 6-24-48 Hours and Marathon running race. The race will happen in the touristic town of Policoro, on the Ionic Sea, in the ancient Magna Grecia. The track (1065 metres) is completely under a pine grove at 50 metres from the sea, in the beautifull (and full equipped) Policoro Village Camping. All race's facilities such as bar, restaurant, market, coin laundromat, pool, baby-club, bathrooms, showers, masseur, barbecue, athlete's accomodations are along the track.

ITALY EMILIA ROMAGNA — 2018-09-16 — Mercato Saraceno (Forlì-Cesena). "Maratona Alzheimer".

GERMANY HESSE — 2018-09-16 — Kassel. "Kassel Marathon".

ITALY TOSCANA — 2018-09-22 — Borgo San Lorenzo (Firenze). "Maratona del Mugello".

UNITED STATES OF AMERICA OHIO — 2018-09-29 — Akron. "FirstEnergy Akron Marathon, Half Marathon & Team Relay". We're celebrating 16 years on the Blue Line! The marquee event of the Akron Children's Hospital Akron Marathon Race Series, the Akron Marathon, Half Marathon, & Team Relay presented by FirstEnergy Corporation never ceases to amaze! Featuring the ultimate running experience throughout Akron's neighborhoods and downtown complete with a world-class finish inside Canal Park Stadium which will continue to feature the popular Finisher Festival on the field that has become our signature in the running industry.

ITALY EMILIA ROMAGNA — 2018-09-30 — Ferrara. "Ferrara Marathon".

ITALY EMILIA ROMAGNA — 2018-10-14 — Parma. "Parma Marathon, La Dèsmila".

UNITED STATES OF AMERICA PENNSYLVANIA — 2018-10-21 — Waterfall. "End of the Road Marathon and Half Marathon". Year one was a huge success and we are excited to be bringing the event back in 2018! In 2018 we will have the same great course (hopefully better weather) A few changes for 2018. When you register you will need to decide between parking on sight (limited to 400 registrants) or taking a shuttle from Breezewood. We will also have use of the showers at the high school after the event this year! This truly unique race will take place on the famous Abandoned Pennsylvania Turnpike which you may remember from the 2009 apocalyptic movie The Road. This stretch of the Pennsylvania Turnpike was bypassed in 1968, leaving 2 tunnels and miles of road untouched by traffic for nearly 50 years! Trivium has partnered with the Southern Allegheny Conservancy in order to raise funds to develop this abandoned road into a greenway so that runners and bikers can enjoy the route for years to come. Marathoners will spend close to 6 miles underground running and half marathoners will don headlights for 4 miles as they make their way through this beautiful course!

ITALY VENETO — 2018-10-28 — Stra (Venezia). "Venice Marathon".

GERMANY HESSEN — 2018-10-28 — Frankfurt am Main. "Frankfurt Marathon".

MEXICO AGUASCALIENTES — 2018-10-28 — Aguascalientes. "Maraton Aguascalientes". This year Aguascalientes Marathon (Mexico) joined the festivities of a very important tradition in our city which is the Calaveras Festival (Skulls Festival), a cultural Mexican tradition which is plenty of color and folklore. This tradition was born in the prehispanic cultures in order to honor and venerate our loving ones that have passed away. Because of this, the medal and the jersey have a very beautiful design plenty of elements of this tradition and aspects that define us as Mexicans. Come with the aim of reaching the finish line of our several races: 5K, 10K, half marathon and the marathon.

ITALY PIEMONTE — 2018-11-04 — Verbania (Verbano-Cusio-Ossola). "Lago Maggiore Marathon".

ITALY PIEMONTE — 2018-11-04 — Torino. "Maratona di Torino".

ITALY VENETO — 2018-11-18 — Verona. "Verona Marathon".

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