Running nutrition

  Ice cream for ultramarathons - The store-bought ice cream is going to make you fat and slow. This one will help make you fit and fast. Here is how to recreate a supercharged version of a favorite ice cream flavor, while keeping running needs in mind.
  Eating patterns help performance - Food consumption affects the central clock in your brain. Because meals can be a central part of our social life - and busy training schedules can contribute to chaotic eating patterns - many runners disregard the fact that food is more than just fuel. When you eat impacts your future health (and today's performance).
  Marijuana and runners - Regardless of your personal beliefs about pot and even your local State laws, many runners are using marijuana for recovery, recreation and even a performance boost. However, in the world of competitive running and other sports, cannabinoids are considered a performance-enhancing drug and are banned by both the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency and the World Anti-Doping Agency.
 Running nutrition on a budget - A limited food budget creates a fueling challenge for many athletes, including runners traveling to foreign races, college teams or students responsible for their own meals, parents of active kids, and semi-pro players hoping to get to the next level. The name of the fueling game is: How can you buy enough healthy calories with the least amount of money? These practical tips can help optimize a low-budget sports diet.
 Sport supplements for runners - If some supplements are good, would more be better? Sport supplements are used for many different reasons - to prevent or treat nutrient deficiency, to provide energy, to directly or indirectly improve performance - as long as you do not abuse them.

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