iPhone applications for runners

One of the first mobile devices to use applications, that is an additional software on top of its operating system, was the Apple iPhone mobile phone. Today there are thousands of apps (short for "applications"), including programs specifically designed with the runners and the fitness enthusiasts in mind. Apple also introduced a service called the App Store which allows users to browse and download applications.


Your personal pedometer. Calculate the number of steps, average speed, total distance and total calories burned. Calibration tool to create your own calibration profiles. Send daily statistics by e-mail. Imperial or Metric measurements. Calculate your stride from your height and the number of calories burned from your weight.


Distance Meter Pro
Take Distance Meter Pro on your next trail run and use the terrain/topography maps to see how long the trail is and how hard it is. Get real-time statistics like speed, pace, and calories burned.


Fitnio tracks your progress using GPS. Three quick-start buttons for walking, running and biking. Workout display informs you of important performance metrics as you go. Emergency button keeps you safe with the ability to speed-dial a friend. Cooldown display lets you appreciate your accomplishments in a new light. The Fitnio website will give you an overview of your performance.


Nike Training Club
Join the Nike Training Club, and you will get psyched from the minute you log on. Start by creating an avatar, then customize your workouts, learn new training drills, and even invite your friends for a little healthy competition.


Using the iPhone's GPS capabilities, you can track your fitness activities, including distance, time, speed, pace, calories burned, elevation, and path traveled on a map. Store all of your activities on your personal web dashboard at, where you can keep track of all of your historical activities and monitor your progress. Make your activities public, and you can broadcast your success to the world. With auto-sharing features, your results can be sent to Twitter and Facebook as soon as you finish your activity!

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