Where to run in Wailua (Hawaii)

Featured on the opening credits of the television show "Fantasy Island", the Wailua Falls are a 83-foot waterfall that feeds into the Wailua river. In ancient times, Hawaiian men would jump from the top to prove their manhood. The road reaching the falls from the coast (Ma'alo road n. 583) is a very nice one to run. It winds its way up to the falls in about two and a half miles. It is a dead end street, so you will have to run back once you reach the waterfalls. There are also two trails to the bottom of the falls: the steepest trail starts off from the viewing area by the metal guard-rail, while the more gentle trail starts off a little back down the road. Both trails have signs posted advising not to follow them to the bottom, as they are not professionally maintained and are potentially dangerous.

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