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Danny Dreyer

Author of the book ”ChiRunning”, Danny Dreyer has been a running coach for eighteen years. He has taught thousands of people the “ChiRunning” technique. He is a popular speaker and teacher for training groups such as the ”San Francisco Marathon”, the ”Aids Marathon”, Team in Training, U.S.A. Fit and many others. He publishes a monthly “ChiRunning” e-mail newsletter, and has been published in ”Running Times”, ”Runner's World” and other running journals. Dreyer is an accomplished ultramarathon runner and has raced every distance from ten kilometers to one hundred miles. In addition to teaching running classes Dreyer is also a personal coach. This differs from a running coaching in that he works with people to help them set and accomplish their personal goals, solve problems, and generally discover increased fulfillment and balance in their everyday lives. He has lived a lifestyle steeped in holistic living, meditation, and personal wellness for over thirty years. Healthy eating, physical exercise and rejuvenating activities are mainstays in his life and the foundation of what he teaches. “A good runner leaves no footprints”.


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