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  • Authors: Danny Dreyer, Katherine Dreyer
  • Paperback: 236 pages
  • Publisher: Fireside (2004)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 074325144X

Danny Dreyer is the creator of “ChiRunning”, a revolutionary concept that blends the subtle inner focuses of T'ai Chi with running to obtain a low-impact athletic experience. It is based on his study of T'ai Chi with Master Zhu Xilin and internationally renowned Master George Xu, and his thirty years of running experience. Ancient wisdom with modern physics are combined to transform your running tecnique, to learn to run using your highly efficient core muscles while relaxing the rest of your body, allowing gravity to do the work instead of your legs. All the benefits of this new form of running are now available in Dreyer's first book “ChiRunning” which offers a revolutionary approach to effortless, injury-free running. Both the beginner and the competitive runner will be able to increase speed with less perceived effort, experience reduced recovery time and enjoy a smooth, efficient running form. Toby Tanser, sub 2:20 marathoner, author, coach, and member of the New York Road Runners Board of Directors, talks about Dreyer's book as “The most exciting and revolutionary book to hit the running community this decade”. And continues: “After years and years of plowing through books, as an author and sports writer, I am rarely jolted by today's sports literature. The same theories, regurgitated advice, and unexplained methodology make for dull reading. Scanning Dreyer's work I was captivated, and re-reading the book I was thoroughly entranced, by the vast wealth of information packed into the 200-pages. On every single page I was making notes of matters 'crucial to improving my running'. The easy going text has clear explanations and visuals that will have you jumping from your seat to discover 'secrets' that will, I believe, perfect and enrich your running experience. I was shocked reading the book, it was color to a black and white library - and believe me I have read at least one thousand running books in the last few years alone. This is my first positive review. I absolutely loved the book. This would be my Desert Island choice running book”.

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