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See Mom Run

  • Author: Kara Douglass Thom, illustrated by Lilly Golden
  • Hardcover: 32 pages
  • Publisher: Breakaway Books (2003)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 1891369407

Finally, a book on running that active parents can read to their kids (or to grandchildren, or to nieces and nephews). Penny, a six years old girl, is on her way to show-and-tell in school on Monday morning, the morning after her mom’s first marathon. The moment she wakes up, she puts on her mom's finisher's medal, and it stays on all day. She goes to school and tells her classmates all about the marathon: how far it is, and all the many ways in which Penny helped her mom train for this magnificent achievement. We see Penny's immense pride at her mom's accomplishment, and also Penny's sense that she (Penny) made it all possible. Penny makes pancakes after mom's long runs (with batter all over the kitchen). She orchestrates a little speed workout on the beach. She rides her bike alongside as her mom runs through the streets of the neighborhood. She hoses her mom down after a hot summer run. She teaches (slightly less limber) mom all about stretching. She gives mom backrubs (bouncing on her back on the couch). And much more. The plucky, puckish Penny is ultimately inspired to emulate mom, and the final page shows them together in a 1 mile fun run. Parents and kids alike will enjoy reading and re-reading (and re-reading) this story. “See Mom Run” by Kara Douglass Thom celebrates running, glorifying the notion that a little sweat and dedication can bring you to a place of remarkable happiness and strength. (Plus, you get that medal!). It points the way forward in life for happy, healthy, active kids.

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