Running humour

 Top 10 excuses for not running - Someone once said "The miracle isn't that I finished, the miracle is that I had the courage to start". From "My dog did not want to go out today" to "I could not find my running shoes" here are the top ten best (worst?) excuses to skip running.
 Do you suffer from Skin Jogging Syndrome? - Like millions of Americans, Sharon was unaware that she suffered from a skin disorder. Then one day she read about Skin Jogging Syndrome (SJS), a syndrome so insidious, so sneaky, and so downright underhanded that there is absolutely no way to tell if you have it.
  How to speak "runner" - Here are some phrases intended to break down the language barrier between runner and non-runner. Feel free to show this to your long-suffering wife, husband, partner, colleagues, postman, or anyone else you like to bore and bemuse with talk of PBs, splits and marathon-ness.
 The trail runner's dictionary - Prepared for new trail runners or those not familiar with the lingo of the trails, this dictionary contains words, phrases and acronyms likely to be met in the everyday life of a trail runner, including a number of slang, informal, obscure, medical and technical words.

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