True Running Stories

  Bomb squad blows ravioli can at the Pittsburgh Marathon - Police said they are trying to determine whether someone intentionally placed a microwave oven containing a dish of ravioli near the Pittsburgh Marathon's finish lines to disrupt the race.
  Runner killed by a plane - A 38-year-old father of two was jogging and listening to his iPod when he was hit from behind and killed by a small plane making an emergency landing on a South Carolina beach.
  Running and twitting don't mix - James Coleman, a jogger, has become the first man in Britain to suffer a "twinjury", an injury sustained while using Twitter. He was "tweeting" to his followers on his Blackberry while jogging to work when he cracked his head on a heavy low-hanging branch. The force of the impact sent the dazed runner crashing to the pavement and left him with a badly bruised black eye.
  Flour biohazard - Daniel Salchow and his sister, Dorothee, planned to spend a pleasant afternoon marking a trail for fellow members of their offbeat running and drinking club. Instead, they wound up in police custody after their clue of choice, flour, set off a bioterrorism scare and forced hundreds of people to evacuate an Ikea furniture store.
  You can run, but you can't hide - John Nguyen learned an important lesson on Presidents Day: You can run, but you can't hide, from San Jose's park rangers. The 33-year-old IT specialist was ticketed by a ranger who spotted him running trails inside Alum Rock Park.
  Kenyan marathoner slips at finish but still wins - In "The LaSalle Bank Chicago Marathon" Kenyan Robert Cheruiyot pulled ahead of countryman Daniel Njenga in the final 100 meters of what was a terrific showdown, finishing first before an estimated 1.5 million spectators. But instead of celebrating and enjoying the moment, Cheruiyot found himself on the way to a local hospital.
  Nike goes after man for ordering one pair of counterfeit shoes - Last year, a shipment of faux Nikes was stopped at the U.K. border, prompting the company to take legal action against all the individuals who had ordered the shoes.
  Man arrested for running naked in marathon - A man was running naked during the "Flying Pig Marathon" and refused to stop when police told him to exit the race, so officers stopped him with a taser.
  Boston officials grant runner an automatic entry into the marathon - A Colorado Marathon runner who abandoned her qualifying bid to help save the life of another participant who turned out to be her father has been given an automatic entry into the Boston Marathon.
  Man goes jogging with cat and receives ticket - Boulder High School senior Seth Franco decided to enjoy Wednesday's warm weather by taking his cat, Stella, for a jog. When the kitty couldn't keep up, the 19-year-old did something police consider animal cruelty. Franco says there's another side to this story.
  New record for knitting while running a marathon - An American runner has given a whole new meaning to multitasking, working on a scarf while racing and eclipsing a previous record held for knitting while running a marathon.
  Runner hit by flying kangaroo - The runner taken out by an airborne kangaroo thinks the incident might have been a bit of karma for his choice of dinner on Tuesday night. Sam Walter said he ate kangaroo the evening before the event, a strange coincidence in an already bizarre episode.
 Marathoners crawl under moving train to qualify for Boston - "Via Marathon" participants were literally stopped in their tracks by a slow-moving train around the course's seventh mile, a delay that hurt their chances of qualifying for Boston. Some decided not to wait for the train to pass and tried to crawl under the slow-moving cars to continue in the marathon.
 First prize: a live camel - In a day of surprises, a much bigger one was in store for Ikuo Omichi after he competed in a grueling 100-kilometer ultramarathon in the vastness of the Mongolian steppes. He was presented with a camel for coming first past the finish line.
  Runner refuses to wear a bib with the number of the Beast - A Kentucky cross country runner voluntarily walked away from a chance to qualify for the State meet to avoid running with the bib number "666", which she said conflicted with her Christian beliefs.

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